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Ask a Question: a new type of contribution to MPO

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Dear readers:

I am pleased to inform you that we are inviting a new type of contribution to MPO. This new section is called “Ask a question”. Quite often, we raise questions that we may not have an answer for. It is probably just a matter of asking that question to the right people and the answer will come from somewhere or at least we may know if nobody can answer our question.

MPO will be happy to serve as a platform for fielding questions that are in the direction of the journal’s mission and scope.

To get this section started, we have a question from Pavithran (access here), a student advisor for MPO.

Should this question interest you, we invite you to answer it. We will consider publishing responses that answer the question convincingly. Please submit your response using the “Leave a Comment” option. Depending on the question, I plan to review readers’ responses myself or delegate them to a guest editor who would be interested in working on the question. 

Although at the moment there is no formal limit on the number of responses that will be published in response to a question, I indeed plan to close the discussion when a question has been convincingly answered. When this happens, readers will no longer see a “Leave a Comment” option at the end of such a contribution. Thus, I would encourage you to respond as early as you can (in a week or so).

Please also encourage your colleagues and students to funnel questions into this section of the journal and ignite the spirit of curiosity that is there in all of us to be harnessed. Please also feel free to e-mail this post to your colleagues.

I should finish quoting Albert Einstein: “The important thing is not to stop questioning”.

Yours sincerely,


Editor, Medical Physiology Online
E-mail: medicalphysiologyonline at gmail dot com

Please cite this letter as: Prakash E.S. Ask a question: a new type of contribution to MPO. Medical Physiology Online 30 Jan 2008, available from


Written by E.S. Prakash

January 30, 2008 at 11:29 AM

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