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Prepublication Records

Please note that the documents below are ‘Prepublication Records‘ of some of the manuscripts published in MPO. The final accepted version is the most authenticated – it can be accessed from the Home Page.

Prakash ES. Which one of these variables is most critically regulated: extracellular fluid (ECF) volume or ECF osmolality or ECF pH or effective arterial blood volume? [MPO-031-2011]

J W Navalta et al. Effectiveness of Blended Instruction utilizing On-Line Lectures and Split Classes in delivering an Applied Exercise Physiology Course [MPO-032-2011]

Brown S and Simcock DC. Stephen Hales and the practice of science.

Bhagat A. A novel model for teaching factors affecting erythrocyte sedimentation rate. MPO-026-2011

Brown S. Reluctance to think: unable or unwilling?

R.R.Barkur et al. Freeing didactic lectures from monotony with a brief mid-lecture presentation on innovations in biomedical technology unrelated to the original lecture. MPO-020-2010

E.S.Prakash. To give or not to give lecture slides before I deliver the lecture? MPO-018-2010

N.R.Adler. Increasing kidney oxygenation as a potential therapeutic avenue for kidney disease. MPO-017-2009

B J Wilson et al. Cardiac interbeat interval complexity is influenced by physical activity. MPO-013-2008

E. Harper. Premature skeletal muscle fatigue in multiple sclerosis and its implications for exercise therapy. MPO-007-2008

A.J.Drake-Holland and M.I.M.Noble. Denervation supersensitivity to norepinephrine in resistance vessels in denervated canine myocardium. MPO-005-2008

E.S.Prakash. What is the difference between tetanus and tetany? MPO-001-2008


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