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Manuscripts posted for Open Prepublication Peer Review

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There are no manuscripts posted for Open Prepublication Peer Review at the moment.

If you wish to submit comments on manuscripts posted in this page, please do so using a Leave a Reply option on this page.

Open Pre-publication Peer Review Policy:

Policy for posting Readers Comments on the MPO website on manuscripts under consideration for publication in MPO:

Dear Reader,

We will attempt to post within 3 days all comments that contribute significantly to discussing the manuscript in question. In submitting a response, you provide Medical Physiology Online the license to publish it in MPO and identify you as its author; your full name, departmental and institutional affiliation (if appropriate) and postal address will be published with the review. 

We certainly cannot publish anonymous reviews in MPO. However, anonymous reviews likely to provide useful feedback will be forwarded to the authors.

Please include a verifiable e-mail address and affiliation.

The editor reserves the right to edit your comments for clarity. Reviews that are unclear, unhelpful, irrelevant, abusive, defamatory, involve advertising, breach an obligation of confidentiality will not be posted.

All conflicts of interest related to the submission must be noted at the end of your review. If there are no conflicts of interest please include this statement at the end of the review “Conflict of Interests: none”

If the manuscript you submit a comment on is accepted for publication in MPO and published, the editor reserves the right to incorporate your comments into the Prepublication Record, and these are citable. If the manuscript you review is rejected by MPO,  commentaries on that manuscript will also be removed from the MPO website when such a decision is made. Publication of reviewers’ comments does not necessarily imply endorsement of the views stated therein by the editor or the advisory board of MPO except where explicitly stated.


Editor, Medical Physiology Online


Written by E.S. Prakash

May 7, 2009 at 1:27 PM

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