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Information for Reviewers

MPO uses an open peer review process, which means that authors will know who reviewed their work. Besides providing feedback to authors, reviewers are also requested to provide confidential comments that only the editor will see and include their recommendation on whether the manuscript is acceptable for publication or not. 

Reviewers are requested to submit reviews to the editor by e-mail as a Word document attachment. 

We will appreciate timely reviews that are clear, comprehensive, objective, and respectful of scholarly work and providing constructive feedback to authors helping them improve the quality of the submitted manuscript or their future work.

Drafts of some manuscripts that are under consideration for publication in the journal are also posted in the ‘Open Peer Review’ section in the hope that they might generate constructive comments from readers of the journal.

Besides facilitating editorial decisions, reviewers often make a significant contribution to the final form of the manuscript that is accepted for publication. To keep the scientific record straight, MPO archives the prepublication records of accepted manuscripts on the journal website. The prepublication record includes the first version of the manuscript that was submitted to the journal, reviewers comments and feedback for authors, editor’s comments and feedback to authors, authors’ responses, and revised versions of the manuscript.


How to submit confidential comments about a manuscript submitted by the editor of MPO?

A guest editor deals with reviews of manuscripts submitted by the editor of MPO. The name, affiliation and the e-mail address of the guest editor are noted on the title page of the manuscript. Please transmit your comments via e-mail direct to the guest editor quoting the manuscript ID.


Policy for posting reviewers’ comments on the MPO website:

In submitting a review, the reviewer provides Medical Physiology Online the license to publish it in MPO and identify the reviewer as its author; the reviewer’s full name, departmental and institutional affiliation (if appropriate) and postal address will be published with the review.   

We certainly cannot publish anonymous reviews in MPO. However, anonymous reviews likely to provide useful feedback will be forwarded to the authors.

Reviews incomplete in any way such as without a verifiable e-mail address will not be posted on the journal website.

The editor may edit reviews for length and clarity.

Reviews that are unclear, unhelpful, irrelevant, abusive, defamatory, involve advertising, breach an obligation of confidentiality will not be posted.

The presence of a potential or an actual conflict of interest need not prevent reviewers from involving in the review process; however, all conflicts of interest related to the submission must be noted. This also includes noting if one of the authors of the manuscript has requested someone to review it for them.

If the manuscript you review is accepted for publication in MPO and published, reviews of the manuscript that were accepted and posted will be incorporated into the prepublication record of the manuscript. These reviews will be citable.

If the manuscript you review is rejected by MPO, all reviews of that manuscript will also be removed from the MPO website when such a decision is made. However, if the authors resubmit a revised version of a rejected manuscript for publication in MPO, the editor may request your permission to republicize your review of older versions of the same manuscript should this seem useful in evaluating the new manuscript.

Publication of reviewers’ comments does not necessarily imply endorsement of the views stated therein by the editor or the advisory board of MPO except where explicitly stated.


Written by E.S. Prakash

May 7, 2009 at 1:12 PM

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