Medical Physiology Online

Peer reviewed, open access journal. ISSN 1985-4811.

Why publish in MPO?

  • All content published in MPO is ‘open access’ which means any one with an internet connection can access them for free.
  • Authors do not pay a submission fee for having their papers reviewed.
  • There are no page charges for authors.
  • MPO uses an open peer review process, which means that authors will know who reviewed their work, whether their manuscripts were declined or accepted.
  • Reviewers comments are typically incorporated into a Prepublication Record of an accepted manuscript with the consent of the reviewer.  Prepublication records are publicly accessible; some manuscripts may not have a prepublication record.
  • MPO aims to reach an editorial decision as fast as possible (see our timeline below for different types of manuscripts).
  • Articles are published as and when they are accepted; i.e., they do not have to wait for a monthly issue of the journal.
  • The time from acceptance to publication is short; we aim to publish an accepted manuscript within a week of acceptance (see average timelines below)
  • Authors retain copyright of their contribution.
  • All content in MPO is published under a Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium provided the original work is properly cited.
  • Authors are encouraged to deposit contributions they make to Medical Physiology Online in their institutional repositories, personal websites, and contribute to dissemination of their work.
  • Journal content is covered by indexing services including SCOPUS(R) and INDEX COPERNICUS(R).

Average timeline (from submission to first decision):

Letters to the Editor: 1-2 days

Submissions to the ‘Point of View’ section: 2 weeks

Research Communications & Brief Reviews: 1 month


Average timeline (from acceptance to publication):

Letters: 1 day

Submissions to the ‘Point of View’ section: 2-3 days

Research Communications; Brief Reviews: 1 week


Written by Elapulli S. Prakash

May 10, 2009 at 1:55 PM

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